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Hakken over de sloot


Beginnings are usually scary, and endings are usually sad, but it is everything in between that makes it all worth it.


Just in the nick of time

Cbra Systems organized a big party on the 29th of February 2020 with many Germans, four Russians, and many other nationalities. The location of the Festival is not far across the Dutch border to Germany. Near the park with the holiday houses, there is an area where we organized the 'Hakken over de Sloot' party. The party consisted of two parts (the blue and red part). Inside the building there were mainly deep house and techno DJs and outside on the field you may hear the old school sounds like the Prodigy, Scooter, U96, and Miami Bass with the European techno sound. Fantastic! Fantasizing together is fun.


22°C, think about it...

beginning milla mural The sun is shining bright... Anyway, it's too complicated and quite difficult to explain what's happening. You can close your eyes for things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart for things you don't want to feel.

kate - aziz - milla A movie-based character named Aziz from the '5th Element' (1997) is interning at Ahmed and also works in the kitchen for Cbra systems. A more recent movie from Luc is 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' (2017) -- Search for it if ya love Sci-Fi movies... Thumbs up for Sir L. Besson. Thank you Sir for directing these movies and more... 👍👍

The following Wednesday Milla & Kate had arranged for a photoshoot in Paris. Aziz went with them.

A poem for Queen Agatha II,

I'm on fire

There was a very nice and fun party.  There I met you, my love, I miss you the most.  I saw you sitting there, and you saw me standing too.  I said: my house is also your home, come let's go. 
Voorbeeld CSS plaatje floaten
It is also us in a dream, moving forward together.  To then comprehend which thoughts we let flow.  In a mural, you and I color very well together.  It's nice that light also illuminates your room, beautiful lady. 

Together we create a fantastic performance on the wall.  You are my muse, a source of inspiration, and also so pure.  A listening floor. You've slept a lot... You've been perfect for me.  You wake up, I even smile and start the day with respect. 

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