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Love you to the moon and back 
Full moon vibes music festival

Full Moon Vibes Music Festival 

The nearest star to Earth is the Sun. Always remember, the universe has a way of leading you to where you're supposed to be at the moment.

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A party on the moon

I think that would be fun who is coming along? We leave from Eemshaven first by boat to an aircraft carrier and then by spaceship to the moon. The journey there takes approximately 3 days, 3 hours and 49 minutes.

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🚀 Stardate 2019091600000

  • Astrix 
  • Aphex twins 
  • Cosmosis 
  • Chi-A.D. 
  • Hallucinogen 
  • S.U.N. Project 
  • SP͎A̩̳̳̟͈C̥E̞̖ ̘̰͎̫̠P̣̬͚̱̺̩̜A̟̪̘̭͚R̘̣̠̯͔̳ͅT͈ͅͅY͔̜͓ ̱̝̣͎̰ͅA̼̲̟̞̝͔D̺͍̖̗V̳E͎ͅN̘̖͔̮T̜UR̺̙̦̤͖ES̮̲̥̖

    Voorbeeld CSS plaatje floaten I'm in this space ship. The main computer ... This as a metaphor for your body. I write this report as a document for the future. My journey as a discoverer of the universe and the farthest stars .. but above all a journey within myself. To myself.  
    Signed r.geerlings

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    🚀 Stardate 198908161400

  • CBRA BASIC version 1.0 
  • Copyright 1983 by microsoft 
  • 28816 YottaBytes free 
  • Ok 
  • 10 PRINT "We proudly present you Pink Floyd" 
  • Pink Floyd in the harbor

    Then the festival begins. Various bands and acts can be seen. There is something for everyone.

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    🚀 Stardate 201908151230

    Busy with the preparations .. 
    The bands have arrived and sound checks are being done. 

    Having lunch with Boris Brejcha & Charlotte de Witte .. 
    Milla does the PR .. prrr prrr 
    There is an 'outside' area, that can't be .. not .. true. Massive Attack, Tricky and many other artists. 
    And an 'inside' area where Techno and Deephouse, among others, are performed. 


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    🚀 Stardate 201908151332

    The Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano acted as a DJ from the international space station ISS. His work could be heard aboard a cruise ship off the Spanish island of Ibiza, reports the European space agency ESA. 

    Parmitano played in front of an audience of around three thousand people. He seems to have assured himself of a place in music history. It was the first time a DJ had performed from the ISS or from space, the space agency said in a statement. 

    The spaceman was helped by his German mentor, DJ Le Shuuk. He would have explained to the Italian how to mix tracks. "Le Shuuk made a personal playlist that Luca could take to the station and made specialized DJ software available. It was put on the astronaut tablets in space." 

    According to ESA, the performance of the astronaut also had an educational touch. Parmitano is said to have talked to his audience from space about his mission. 

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    🚀 Stardate 201908151354

    He proposes to make it a day off, a public holiday on the calendar, "Full Moon Thursday." In addition to Christmas and New Year's Day, we can then enjoy the full moon. The full moon is visible after every 29.5 days and at least 14 times a year. 

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    🚀 Stardate 201908151408

    The sun has now exposed almost 1 side of the moon for another 28 minutes then no more light can be added .. The mains is supplied by the installed solar panels and Philippe (web designer) is having a great time. Wim is putting the last dots on the i. It will be alright and it's alright! Well that kovvie definitely has to come .. Everyone can grab milk & sugar themselves, right? 

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    🚀 Stardate 201908151431

    Hi! Dear people, we at Cbra Systems and our partners wish everyone a happy 'Full Moon Thursday'. Cheers and celebrate it differently with friends. 

    Nevertheless, seen from the moon it is not so bad ..̯̥̖̘ 

    🚀 Stardate 201908151432

    🌕 The period of the full moon. Thousands of people then take to the streets to celebrate. 

    💃🕺 And they do that by dancing a lot and eating good food, in other countries they also celebrate the full moon. The sunlight is then not blocked by mother earth and so the moon is completely illuminated by the sun. 

    ⭐️✨This party also includes a dragon of no less than 220 meters! The dragon is of course fake and is carried through the streets by the partygoers. In the old days people believed that with the dragon they could keep evil spirits away. The Crew Dragon version is designed to fly with up to seven astronauts or a combination of people and cargo to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and back. 

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    🚀 Stardate 201908151111

    Does a zebra now dream that he is Ruben or is it or the other way around. 

    🚀 Stardate 201908170341

    The research is progressing slowly, but every now and then you think you've lost your way when you talk about a party on the moon. 

    Voorbeeld CSS plaatje floaten Then know that you are following your own path, and if this 'full moon vibes music festival' make you happy, it is something that belongs to you. 
    You don't have to convince others of anything. Testify by showing who you are and how you stand in life. 

    The resistance of another is often deep-rooted fear. 
    And know, because you stand for something, you make someone else think. 
    The light will always seep in somewhere. 

    🚀 Stardate 20190826172935

    I'm okay .. 

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    🚀 Stardate 201910132310

    This is real life not movie story. 
    Don't expect me to do something that happens in movies. 
    The Hunter's Moon will appear when the sun goes down on October 13, 2019, and will set the sky ablaze with the most gorgeous orange spectacle. According to Country Living, the precise time of the full moon is 22:07 pm GMT. Happy Full Moon Sunday! 


    🚀 Stardate 20200109095253

    One day before Full Moon Friday. 
    Pre-preparing the party.. 

    🚀 Stardate 20200109105608

    Some of them crowded the sun at sunrise 
    And it rises in your heart first 
    Good morning to all my friends 
    Have a Faboulus day 

    🚀 Stardate 201910131657

    "I used to think coffee was was my copilot, but now I know that's not true. Coffee is flying this plane. I'm just the passenger." Hold on. It's gonna be a wild ride. 

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    🚀 Stardate 201908151503

    I have noticed many of you have really not dedicated to your daily practice time with our Telepathy 101 Primer. 
    We recommend this so that you begin to get your brain used to sustaining longer conversations. 
    How interested are you in a visit? 

    This is how you show us... 

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    🚀 Stardate 20200209083435

    Happy Full Moon Sunday!

    🚀 Stardate 20220416205732

    Happy Full Moon Saturday!

    A bit of a love song in a minor mood but that's Trish Thunderstone if you don't know Trish yet, nice to meet you. A world full of Fantasies… We examines musical patterns in this song that either needs to be deleted or else sampled. According to Ruben G, this is anything but vague: since the ancient cycles have been tried to interpret them. Sometimes, people need their space. they’re not cutting you off … they just need time to breathe and love themselves again. It has nothing to do with you. Here we go again..

    Music Maestro!! Ghihi haha…

    Lady, babe, why don’t you come on over. Maybe, babe, the party isn’t over.. Stay around, I need you more than you think. If love is the seed that makes loved ones grow, then why can’t my thoughts make a rainbow… for rainbows are proof, that beauty can appear. Once you learn to stand the rain. Despite of all your fears. All that it need is a sparkle of light. A touch of trust that the heart was right.

    🚀 Stardate 20220516061552

    Happy Full Moon Monday!

    🚀 Stardate 20220910115851

    We enjoy astral travel. But we still enjoy fantasizing about a party on the moon together. Space travel is part of that. Organizing it is quite complicated and takes a lot of time and sometimes goes a bit too far. We're aiming for the moon. The stars below will catch us if we fall. Are we at least close to where we want to be? This is also your invitation for next Saturday the 10th of September 2022. Visit us at 1200 o clock in the afternoon (CET) on the index page of Cbra Systems. We will be there LIVE on the conversation page. It would be nice if you could be there. Because without you no party! We whisper your name to the midnight sky and collect the stars. High-frequency plasma waves are being received through the crown chakra which activates the unification code streaming across the quantum fields at this time. For the fresh air of good people... Because we have to breathe. For the smile of sincere love for all who hold their beautiful feelings. ´Cause beats rephrasing anything. In other words. Music is the universal language that we all understand. This music project was founded in 2011 on the world wide web and is now available at this location and is still ´ON AIR´ for you...

    Everything will be okay

    Sit back and relax and focus on what you hear. Just listen carefully to each sound wave and feel that life is wonderful, completely relaxed, and nice and fresh. Don't you worry, everything will be okay!

    Summer breeze

    We are upgrading the velocity and vibratory rate and layers far beyond your imagination as the planetary axis and rotational fields are oscillating at a much faster frequency so that we can integrate new grid infrastructure and move into a different dimensional holographic reality experience.
    You can easily imagine what it´s like to walk with a friend at the beach. You hear the waves of the sea. Nice temperatures and we look good in those comfortable clothes. We don't feel naked when we laugh a bit and touch the sand with our bare feet. Suddenly we feel a summer breeze. It keeps our minds cool. It's so refreshing this water and you and me walking along the seashore. To shape a sense of reality with premeditation. Do you agree?

    Something for the mind the body and the soul

    Trust in the divine order of the current timeline is being played out as many are activating their higher heart fields and aligning with the new grid frequencies as Gaia's heart chamber fills with the rainbow flames and sound/colour/solar fractal rays that are anchoring over the next 200-year cycle. Together we shift the timelines. Together we co-create peace and unity. Choose love over fear. Hold love and peace as we shift the current collective vibration into deeper octaves of love. We are here to become the grids themselves and anchor unity and oneness consciousness through the quantum layers of our multi-dimensional reality matrix.

    Folks, we wish you a very Happy Full Moon Saturday! Thanks, everyone!

    🚀 Stardate 20221009225441

    Have a beautiful day beautiful people, love to everyone all over this World. 🌍 I wish you joy, smiles & laughter today and everyday. ☀️

    Always remember, the universe has a way of leading you to where you're supposed to be at the moment.

    Happy Full Moon Sunday!

    🚀 Stardate 20221108120246

    Yeah! Happy Full Moon Tuesday.

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    🚀 Stardate 20221208050948

    Happy Full Moon Thursday.

    🚀 Stardate 20230406063718 (CEST)

    The kids who agree to predestination will ride out the stock model lower timelines while those of us who are learning how to create can work together to custom design our own higher timeline.

    The more of us who agree to a probability the more likely it is to manifest in our reality. We can easily see the most probable futures which is why we trying to help you see the more beneficial ones with us. So we can manifest peace.

    You chose to use your free will to do so. Entirely up to you. Take the blue pill and stay with the sleepy heads. Take the red pill and go on the ride of your life. Or throw both of them in the trash and make your own fucking rules.

    You are free to make any decision you desire, but you aren’t free from the consequences of those decisions.

    Happy Full Moon Thursday!

    #MorningCoffee #OnlyGoodVibes #FMVMF #HashTag #Stars #Composer #Travel #SunSet #Space #MoonRise #AstroPhotography #Healing #Crystals #NaturePhotography #Beautiful #Lunar #BlueMoon #Spiritual #Astronomy #Energy #Spiritualawakening #Universa #MoonMagic #TheMoon #FullMoonMorning #Selflove

    🚀 Stardate 202402242024 (CEST)

    Happy Full Moon Saturday!

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    1 Be Kind and Courteous
    We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

    2 No Hate Speech or Bullying
    Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

    3 Respect Everyone's Privacy
    Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What's shared in the group should stay in the group.

    Where there is peace, there is power

    Sound carries vibration, and when we make a sound—especially when humming or singing—it sends a vibration through our entire being, creating shifts and changes where needed. As we grow up, we often believe that only the loudest voices get heard, and that confidence and strong voices are natural gifts possessed by only a few. However, this is not true. Confidence and vocal strength can be learned. Our voice needs to be heard, and unlocking our vocal potential involves more than just physical techniques. It's about connecting our voice with our body, mind, and spirit.

    Voorbeeld CSS plaatje floaten When we practice embodying and expressing our truth, we create a powerful connection between our voice and our entire being. This simple practice can positively impact our mind, body, and spirit, allowing us to appreciate our unique signature sound.

    Allow me to introduce you to Trish Thunderstone and his fictional group of chanting choir singers; The Zen Monks. The Zen Monks are a spiritual group of explorers, talented musicians who seek inspiration in the beauty of the universe. Their music transcends boundaries, blending deep electronic soundscapes with amazing vocal choirs. The unique sound of their songs is accessible yet intelligently arranged and laid out.

    Remember that music has a powerful impact on our well-being, connecting us with deeper aspects of ourselves. Whether you're seeking calmness or inspiration, the Zen Monks' music can be a beautiful companion on your journey.

    🚀 Stardate 20240424015109 (CEST)

    Happy Full Moon Wednesday!

    After throwing a little shade our way earlier this month, our Moon is back in the spotlight as it heads toward a full phase from April 23-25. It’s also known as the Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, or Fish Moon.

    As the full moon illuminates the night sky, it serves as a reminder of the celestial dance between Earth and its lunar companion. This natural satellite has captivated human imagination for millennia, inspiring countless myths, tales, and traditions. Observing the full moon is a timeless activity that unites people across the globe, offering a moment to pause and reflect on the wonders of the cosmos that surround us.

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