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The inner child 


castleWhen I used to read fairytales I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one.The metropolis of the north truly is the land of fairytales. No wonder so many authors were inspired by Alice In Wonderland. 

The inner child

A long time ago.Once upon a time, there was a little princess. She lives in a castle with a beautiful garden. Days when she looked at the stars through her bedroom window late at night. As if this day would never have started if the little princess didn't suddenly wake up and clambered out of her bed and walked towards her bedroom window. As she opened the curtains a little, she saw that everything outside was still dark. When she looked up at an angle, she still saw some twinkling points of light. The princess was still a bit sleepy, she rubbed her eyes some more and got back into her bed. She wondered when it would be light again and she thought about what her father had said to her, that those twinkling lights are very far from the earth.

princess She was always cheerful and dressed in pink to be precise in pink and white. She walks through the corridors of her palace while hopping. When she opens the door and walks out she notices a strange orange glow shining on the trees, flowers, and grass outside. That looks nice, she thinks.

She must have been awake when she opened the door and saw how bright the light shone in from outside. In the courtyard her eye fell on the well, she looked down and saw her reflection glistening in the water.

There was a very dark blue sky outside the storm and saw lightning for the first time, then she looked up and noticed that the sun was casting a strange orange light on the castle.
girl in the well She walks to the well in the center of the courtyard of the Palace, she looks over the edge and sees herself on the water surface of the well. She raises her left hand and waves at her reflection. After standing and watching for a while, she picks up a small stone and throws it into the water. The circles in the water are getting bigger and bigger. The water sparkles and glitters... Her reflection in the water fades and slowly returns. Then she is tired of the well and walks on... She knows not to play too far away from the Palace.

The wizard could make things no one else had heard or seen before. The white knight once took her to the lab where the professor was working on an experiment. (How can you tell someone fast to go slow).

Then suddenly a large bird came through the roof and kidnapped the princess and flew away.

A castle where a princess was imprisoned.

There was a very dark blue sky outside it was thundering. She had been captured by the black knight in one of his rooms in his castle. She was looking for a way out of the castle.

- about rivers

- forest

- and mountains


Along the river dynaman walked towards the mountains.

The forest of trees

One day..
She is so curious what kind of animals live in the large forest behind the palace.
That she there…

She enjoyed herself in her father's palace.

She saw for the first time the Great Flood, trees and many other animals she had never seen before.

mountain hill

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