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Sample Packs

Free Wav Sample Packs 

Here you may download sample packs for free. This way you can make new music with it. Have fun in advance.

Sample Packs

Sample Pack 1 - Casio Drums

Sample Pack 1 This ZIP file contains 15 samples of 8-bit drum sounds from a Casio keyboard, and they are now in 44,100 Hz and .wav format. 

Download 345 Kb here: 

Sample Pack 2 - Bliep

Sample Pack 2 This ZIP file contains 38 samples of 8-bit computer sounds sampled from a computer game back in those days. 

Download 2,44 Mb here: 

Sample Pack 3 - The Mayan

Sample Pack 2 "Dog Shit" and "Helicopter"; two songs from The Mayan of approximately 1 minute can be downloaded here. 

Download 19,2 Mb here: 

Sample Pack 4 - Trish Thunderstone - Astral Traveling the Stars [v28]

Create Stem files The four main parts of your track that you would like to have available individually as stems. Beat, Sub + FX, Vocals + Choir and, Piano. 

Download 292 Mb here: 

Sample Pack 5 - Trish Thunderstone - Astral Traveling the Stars [v71]

Sample Pack 3 The four main parts of our track that we would like to have available individually are: 
1. Beat + Bassline 
2. Choral Symphony + Piano + Flute 
3. Rhodes + Spanish Guitar + Violin 
4. Sound Effects 

Download 373 Mb here: 


You can also take a look at this website, which is full of samples. Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. 

Browse, download, and share sounds: 

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