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This is how I meditate and find peace 
The Writing of "Astral traveling the stars"

A journey through consciousness 

Welcome to our cosmic song! This is a special collaboration between Trish Thunderstone and The Zen Monks, a band of spiritual explorers. We also have many other talented artists who joined us in this astral adventure. This song is about traveling the stars with your mind and soul, and finding inspiration in the beauty of the universe.

Trish Thunderstone invites you to join him on his musical journey and discover the wonders of astral traveling the stars.

the chords

The chords so far...

1. F minor

2. D# major

3. Bes minor

4. G# major


We hope you enjoy this musical journey and feel the cosmic vibes!

And we start with a click track...

When we start to write/compose a song we like to edit it in Ableton Live 10 Intro. So, here we are, we launch the program and think about the beats per minute...
We put it on 89 BPM. We've added a few rhythmic samples from Hardwell. While playing we arrive at the chords for the piano.

Audio tracks in Ableton Live Audio tracks in Ableton Live

What kind of music program is Ableton Live?

Ableton Live is a professional music production program for both Windows and Macintosh computers. It was developed by Ableton and released in 2001. Ableton Live is a software for music creation and performance. It allows you to arrange, record, edit, and manipulate sounds in different ways, using effects, instruments, loops, and samples. You can also improvise and experiment with musical ideas in real time, without stopping the music. Ableton Live is used by many musicians, producers, DJs, and live performers for various genres and styles of music.

I hope this helps you understand what Ableton Live is and how it can help you make music. ๐Ÿ˜Š

More information can be found here: 

Create new chords

Chords are combinations of notes that sound good together. They are the building blocks of songs and melodies. They can make your music sound rich, complex, and beautiful. Notes But how do you create new chords? It's easier than you think! All you need is a basic understanding of music theory, a keyboard or a guitar, and some creativity.

Write the notes down

From the chords, we can look up the scale by noting the notes that occur in the chords. And from the scale, we can make new chords.

f / g / g# / bes / c / c# / d# / f

Note to self: Now that we listen to the piece of music again, we hear that there is a glitch at the end of the piano loop. We think maybe the CPU was overloaded when we were recording.

We are thinking of building a bridge

It's nice to build a bridge or a break with the chords we have, with these chords we can make a new chord scheme. See the image above.

About Trish Thunderstone

Trish Thunderstone has been making music ever since he was very young. His goal is to explore many mindscapes and sonic moods to create something truly special. His instrumentals are very original, often exploring a huge variety of genres and styles. Willpower and some ability to perform can overcome all obstacles. People may listen to these videos with amused wonder and some may be inspired also. This is music that dares to be different, without following in the self-indulgent pitfalls of excessive experimentalism. In other words, it is accessible, but also quite intelligently arranged and laid out.

More information can be found here: 

Let's team up and invite other musicians

waveform The Zen Monks This song features The Zen Monks, a vocal choir with a mysterious vibe, and The Mayan, a lofi beats & lyrics duo with a creative flair. They blend their styles and create a captivating atmosphere for the listeners. You can hear the amazing voices of our singers and their harmonies in this song. The Zen Monks were recorded at Cbra Systems High-Quality Studio in Groningen in March 2023. They are the project of Ruben Geerlings, a web designer of, a website that explores music, technology, and more. Check out the Zen Monks and their unique sound!

For all the music lovers

Experience music like never before with CBRA's multi-desktop platform. Play your favorite tunes seamlessly across devices. Discover our feature today! We are engaged in providing intellectual thought and music services. Feel free to visit us regularly to check for updates. Stay tuned!

Collaboration with The Mayan

He has sung vocal parts. He made some chill beats and a mellow chill-hop melody with a bassline which we used at the end of the song.

Add some more beats and song lyrics Add some more, adjust the volume levels Communication went well. We used to send the audio files back and forth.

The Mayan can be found here: 

The lyrics

'I'll keep writing your name amongst the stars.'
"I'll make words dance through galaxies.'
"I'll continue to love you with all of my heart.'
"For only love is endlessly...'

"Astral traveling the stars."
"Nothing out there seems too far."
"Astral traveling the stars."
"Nothing out there seems too far."

Sound effects

We also decorated everything with sound effects. These samples come from a Hardwell sound pack.

More sounds, loops and, other samples can be found here: 

Stem file for "Astral Traveling To The Earth-Moon"

Create Stem files The five main parts of our track that we would like to have available individually are Beat, Sub, FX, Vocals & Chorus, and Piano. 

Download 305 Mb here: 

The 1st bridge 03:36 - 04:20


| D# / C / G / F / D# / C / G# / G |
| D# / % / F / % / Bes / % / - / - |


Remember that songwriting is a creative process, and it's okay if it takes time to refine and shape your song into its best version. Embrace the journey and enjoy the experience of creating music!
Download the song [version 28] in .wav format here


A new working title for the song has arrived: "Astral traveling the stars."


The Bass

We value the opportunity to work with other creative minds from different cultures and backgrounds. Our goal is to foster a diverse and inclusive environment where we can learn from each other and create meaningful art together. We wanted to create a catchy bassline for our song. We found Aleks Smitt, a talented bassist from Estonia, who sent us this amazing synthetic bassline.

ZAYNE Music Reaction

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed feedback on "Astral Traveling the Stars"! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the track and wanted to share your thoughts with us.

It sounds like the composition successfully took you on a journey and invoked a range of emotions and visuals, which is a testament to the skill and talent of the artist who crafted it. Creating an 11-minute piece that remains engaging throughout can indeed be challenging, but it seems like they managed to strike the right balance of complexity and variety.

The incorporation of different musical elements, visuals, and thematic variations can make a piece more intriguing and transport listeners to different settings or moods. It's wonderful to hear that you connected with the various aspects of the track and were able to envision a diverse array of scenes and experiences.

Radio Commercial

If you're into music that makes you think and feel, you'll love Cbra Radio. They play the coolest songs to connect you with your inner self and the world around you. And today, they have something amazing for you: Trish Thunderstone featuring The Zen Monks. It's a mind-blowing mix of rock and meditation that you've never heard before. So hurry up, go to and tune in to the music of your soul.

This radio commercial was produced by a team of professionals from different countries: Power Jingles from the Netherlands, Ruben Geerlings from the Netherlands, Nikki Delgado from the United Kingdom, and David Zeppieri from Italy, the masters of catchy and creative jingles.

Higher Frequencies

One way to add higher frequencies to a song is to use a soprano singer. A soprano is someone who can sing very high notes, usually the highest ones in a musical piece.

In this project, we have Virina Sekar as our soprano singer from Indonesia. She loves music and plays keyboard and guitar. She has been singing soprano for ten years. She also works at a vocal studio where she teaches people how to sing.

She joined this project because she was inspired by Trish's vision and dedication. He communicated everything clearly and she could sense his passion for the music. She is grateful to him for inviting her to be part of this project. She hopes you will enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoyed making it.

A japanese Shinobue

Manu Gonzalez, a Spanish musician, created a short and beautiful Japanese flute piece towards the end of "Astral Traveling the Stars". He enjoyed composing and playing this wonderful Shinobue for this song.

Idea for the Video Script

Welcome to the amazing journey of the Zen Monks, who travel the stars in search of peace and enlightenment. In this video, you will witness their incredible adventures and discoveries, as they explore the wonders of the universe.

Notes The video begins with a scene of a serene temple, where 11 monks in dark burgundy red robes are meditating. Each of them holds a burning candle in their hands, which floats above the ground. They are surrounded by nature and tranquility. Suddenly, a spaceship appears in the sky and lands near the temple. The monks get up and walk in a row towards the spaceship, without making any sound. They enter the spaceship and take their seats. The spaceship then takes off and zooms past the planets and stars.

The monks chant for peace as they travel through space. They are curious and fascinated by the different worlds they see. They encounter various creatures and phenomena, such as aliens, asteroids, black holes, and supernovas. They marvel at the beauty and diversity of creation.

Notes The spaceship then arrives at a planet that looks like Earth. It lands on a beach, where children are playing in the water. The monks exit the spaceship and walk along the shore. They smile and wave at the children, who are surprised and delighted to see them. The children join them and ask them questions about their origin and mission. The monks tell them that they are from a faraway place, where they practice Zen Buddhism. They explain that they are on a quest to find peace and harmony in themselves and the world.

The monks then continue their walk and reach a pub in Groningen City. They enter the pub and order some drinks. They mingle with the locals and share their stories and wisdom. They also listen to the locals' problems and offer them advice and comfort. The monks enjoy the music and the atmosphere of the pub. They feel a connection with the people and the culture.

The video ends with a scene of the monks leaving the pub and heading back to their spaceship. They hug and thank the locals for their hospitality and friendship. They board the spaceship and wave goodbye to everyone. The spaceship then flies away into the night sky, as the monks resume their astral traveling.

The 2nd bridge 05:45 - 07:11 (The Spaceship is Landing)

28 May 2023, 21:20
I think

Our cosmic song thru the EQ

A common technique for audio processing is to apply a low pass filter on the mid and high frequencies and a high pass filter on the low tones. This way, the unwanted noise and distortion can be reduced, while preserving the clarity and quality of the sound. Low pass filters allow the low frequency components to pass through, while attenuating the higher ones. High pass filters do the opposite, blocking the low frequency components and letting the higher ones through.

A big thanks to everyone for your continued support. It gives us tremendous joy knowing that our music touches so many souls.

Collaborating with many artists across the world

We're honored to have some talented musicians join us on this song. Jorrit Godeke from the Netherlands adds a smooth fretless bass guitar, Odili Ifeanyi from Nigeria provides some beautiful vocal harmonies, Ibnu Hadi D. from Indonesia showcases his skills on the Spanish guitar with a solo, Eneko from Basque Country, European Union enriches the sound with his violin, and Abramo R. from Italy creates a warm atmosphere with his Rhodes piano.

Collaboration is a great way to learn new skills, share ideas and create something unique.


Creating a "chill" vibe for a 12-minute track can be an exciting task. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create a catchy and engaging vibe:

Establish the Genre: Decide on the genre you want to produce. Each genre has its unique characteristics, so it's essential to choose one to give your track a clear direction.

Tempo and Time Signature: Set the tempo and time signature of your track. For most popular music, the tempo usually ranges between 90 to 130 BPM (beats per minute), but feel free to experiment based on your chosen genre.

Drum Pattern: Create an engaging drum pattern that sets the rhythm for your beat. The kick and snare will be the backbone of your groove, so focus on creating a catchy and tight pattern. Add in hi-hats, cymbals, and other percussion elements to add depth to your beat.

Bassline: Design a compelling bassline that complements your drum pattern. The bassline should groove with the drums and provide a solid foundation for the other elements in the track.

Melodic Elements: Depending on the genre, add melodic elements like synth lines, piano chords, or guitar riffs to provide the main musical hooks. These elements will keep the listener engaged throughout the track.

Transitions: Smoothly transition between different sections of the track (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.). Use fills, drum rolls, or sweeps to make these transitions seamless and exciting.

Variation and Dynamics: To keep the beat interesting for 12 minutes, introduce variation and dynamics. Add variations to your drum pattern, change up the bassline, and bring in new melodic elements to prevent the beat from becoming repetitive.

Build and Release: Create tension and anticipation by gradually building up the beat, and then release it with impactful drops or breakdowns. This will add a sense of excitement and energy to your track.

Effects and Samples: Use effects like reverb, delay, and sidechain compression to add depth and character to your beat. Consider incorporating unique samples or vocal snippets to give the track some personality.

Arrangement: Organize your beat into a cohesive structure. Typically, a track includes an intro, verse, chorus, breakdown, build-up, and outro. Experiment with the arrangement to keep the listeners engaged throughout the 12-minute duration.

Mixing: Ensure that each element of your beat has its space in the mix. Adjust the volume levels, pan the instruments appropriately, and use EQ and other mixing techniques to make everything sound clear and balanced.

Mastering: Finally, apply mastering techniques to polish and finalize your track, making it sound professional and ready for distribution.

Remember, creating a chill vibe is a creative process, and there are no strict rules. Don't be afraid to experiment, take breaks to gain fresh perspectives, and most importantly, have fun while making your music!

After the saloon


Stems file for "Astral Traveling the Stars" v71

Create Stem files The four main parts of our track that we would like to have available individually are: 
1. Beat + Bassline 
2. Choral Symphony + Piano + Flute 
3. Rhodes + Spanish Guitar + Violin 
4. Effects 

Download 373 Mb here: 

Dear Listener,

We are thrilled to announce our latest creation of the audio track "Astral Traveling the Stars". This is a song that showcases our artistic vision and talent, and we hope it resonates with you as much as it does with us. Don't miss this opportunity to listen to it and share your thoughts with us. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿค›๐Ÿป

You can listen to this song by clicking on the link below where you can also download it.



Constructive feedback and appreciation like yours can be incredibly encouraging and motivate artists to continue exploring their creativity and producing more captivating pieces.

If you have any other music recommendations or thoughts to share, feel free to let us know. We are here to listen and discuss!

To be continued...

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