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Our products are designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards to ensure you get the best value for money. 


Guitar Stand-By-Me

Guitar Stand-By-Me (metal)

Cbra Designs are passionate about providing the finest guitar stands intricately designed to meet the tastes of the passionate professional musician.

€ 175,-

Memory Game

Wooden Memory Game Stones

Nice 32-piece memory game set in a storage bag. With 16 sets of wooden Memory Game bricks. Get playfully acquainted with notation. Only two of these unique memory games were made.

€ 35,-

Card Game

A Unique Card Game

A set containing 56 playing cards providing endless hours of fun and entertainment. Mirenori from Russia drew illustrations and Rularium from the Netherlands did the exclusive design.

€ 25,-

Cbra Systems Calendar

The Cbra Systems Calendar

Clear annual calendar of 2023 in Dutch, the dates are shown per month including week numbers and zodiac signs.

A4 € 15,-
A3 € 25,-

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