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The four seasons


Do you know that artists have drawn inspiration from different natural phenomena that take place around them? For instance, in 1723, Antonio Vivaldi, an Italian composer, was motivated by the relationship between the Sun and the Earth to create his masterpiece "The Four Seasons."

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The change of seasons brings forth a lot of to-do things, which deserve a new, fancy, and seasonally-appropriate soundtrack. It, therefore, means that you should have a playlist fully loaded with themed songs with a grip on the overall vibe and spirit of the season.

Cbra Systems selection from the four seasons

There are spring, summer, winter, and autumn (fall) songs.


This is the season after winter when the natural world reinvigorates and revives. You will experience warm days during this period. There's increased rainfall, which is necessary for the growth of plants. You will often see rainbows when the Sun shines through the moisture content in the air.

Although gardening happens around the year, the onset of spring makes it exciting for both the gardeners and plants. Tree buds also signify the beginning of spring. These buds usually protect flowers and remain closed during winter to help flowers survive the cold.

Most animals also give birth during this season. This means that you will see many baby animals around.. 


Summer is undoubtedly the favorite season of the year, and people eagerly await it to enjoy the beautiful weather. Hot days usually characterize this period.

While you will get numerous health benefits from the Sun, overexposure to it can have some adverse effects, such as skin cancer, wrinkles, sunburn, and premature aging. You can combat excess exposure to the Sun by applying sunscreen before going to the swimming pool or beach. You can also wear sunglasses, a hat, or bask under a shade to shield yourself from the Sun.

The best thing about summer is that the weather makes traveling comfortable. During this time, you can go on vacation and camping without having to worry about weather-based interruptions. The weather also allows you to enjoy ice cream.

Good summer playlists are as good as a cold beer on a hot August night. You will always love summer songs regardless of your musical preference or age. 

Autumn (Fall) 

This period falls between winter and summer. The season has typically cool days. The weather will most likely include rain and wind as the temperatures drop. There are fewer clouds due to the reduced amount of moisture the air can hold due to decreased temperatures.

The tree leaves fall during this time, so you will need a rake to gather these leaves. It's one of the most significant times of the year for farmers because this is when they harvest their crops, such as corn and wheat. You will also see pumpkins in plenty.

You will see many acorns during this season. Such animals as squirrels eat a lot of acorns to fatten themselves before hibernating for the winter.

You'll always hear people talk about the best summer or holiday songs. But have you ever heard them discuss the ideal autumn songs? Don't worry because there are numerous great songs highlight the beauty of fall or sound like they are good to play during fall afternoons. Here is a playlist for you to enjoy those fall vibes.

The four seasons of the Earth come with varying weather conditions. There are also different activities for these periods. 


This is the year's coldest season, which comes between fall and spring. Cold days and icy weather characterize it, which means that you will need to continually take hot drinks and wear a scarf, gloves, and heavy clothes to keep yourself warm.

You will also need to carry an umbrella most of the time since winter experiences rainfall. The ground is covered by snow, making it ideal for such sporting activities as skiing.

From November of every year, the top hit songs usually give way to the beloved holiday classics, such as "Jingle Bells." You can still join the seasonal spirit if you don't like the Christmas classics by replacing them with winter songs. Maybe you are wondering what a winter song is. A winter song is the one that makes you want to curl yourself on the couch while covering yourself with a cozy, warm blanket to keep warm.

These songs invoke your mental view of snow flurries and steaming hot drinks. The music puts you in a state of mind for the winter. These are songs you can always listen to beyond December. 

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