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The best time machine is a song 
8 reasons to listen to music

Why is music important? 

Music helps a person to develop the right kind of dislike and appreciation of beautiful things. It helps to make the right decisions in life. Performing music can develop your social communication skill by boosting your self-confidence level. Learning it helps to find the meaning of life in rhythm and harmony.

Make rhythm and music for your body, mind, and heart. Experience the release of everyday worries and the joyful shared energy of making rhythm and music in community with others. Research findings support the physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits of making music in groups. Participating in musical activities can reduce stress and promote relaxation, increase alpha brain wave activity and stimulate creative thinking, help regulate our nervous system, support a healthy immune system, plus drumming in particular is a safe and natural cardiovascular exercise.

1. IMPROVES COGNITION: For those who forget, music can improve your memory.
2. IMPROVES CREATIVITY: Yes, when we want to "FEEL" more creative we can simply crank up the music.
3. LESSONS ANXIETY: Perhaps one of the pieces of music best know "tricks" relaxing even babies in the womb.
4. MAKES YOU FEEL SEXY: Think about a movie or a moment and how the entire experience is changed and more sensual with music.
5. BUILDS CONFIDENCE: There are a lot of examples we can easily call on, go to any sporting event and listen to the music they chose.
6. PLACES YOU IN A BETTER MOOD: Honestly music (the right selection) helps you smile, helps you move, & makes you feel good.
7. MAKES EXERCISES EASIER & SHORTER: Go on a run with music and without, use a playlist that you love. Chose fifteen 3.5-minute songs or just over 52 minutes of your favorite moving music, how will you feel?
8. MUSIC HELPS CHILDREN WITH AUTISM: Studies of children with autism spectrum disorder who received music therapy showed improvement in social responses, communication skills, and attention skills.

What's the song you have been listening for years and still love it?
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