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How to navigate through the website

How to navigate through the website: 

Here is a guide on how you can go about navigating this website so you get to what you are looking for in no time. The navigation bar at the top of the website houses other submenus represented by icons. Here is a brief rundown of what each icon opens up to. 

Upper section 

0. Hamburger Menu: This contains six other menus; Home Sweet Home, Deephouse, Musical Notes, Conversation, Links, and Colors/ Soundpad. From here you can also listen to electro, goa, hardcore, lounge, pop, reggae, rock or soul musicians. 
1. Home Sweet Home: More goodies at your fingertips, including a learning zone, storytellers, and other fun stuff. You can also meet Cbra Systems and its creator by clicking on 'contact'. 
2. Deephouse: Deephouse section with DJs/ musicians such as Anna Tur, Ahmet Kilic, Ahmet Kilic, Bassmelodie, DJ Regard, and Nigel Stately. Also, several YouTube channels and Cbra Deephouse volume 1 to volume 12 could be found here. 
3. Musical Notes: From here you can click through to EDM, deep house, and more. This menu is music-related, you can listen to DJs and other musicians, among other things. 
4. Conversation: Meet other individuals who are passionate about music. You can enter the chat and start a conversation. Enjoy. 
5. Links: Links to useful audio-related external resources. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin. 
6. Colors/ Soundpad: You can play samples and goto sound bytes. Includes Basic Colors and System Colors. 
7. Cbra Cafe: You can play cards, write in our guestbook, request a Jukebox song from the 50s & 60s, watch cartoons, and find a selection of film music composers, you can support us by buying us a coffee for further development of the website. 
8. Archive Cbra Systems: Read all about Cbra Systems, blogs, add a song, see things you can't buy elsewhere, and even more... 
9. Connection: Meet some of the world’s most talented musical maestro's. 
10. Internet Radio: Listen to music from an array of internet radio stations streaming live. 
11. Search & Play: Here you can listen and watch the video of your choice, and create your own playlist. To start the journey, first, go to the magnifying glass. 
12. Cbra Systems Logo: This will refresh the webpage. 

Rainbow Menu 

We'd love to help you find some DJ mixes! However, We don't have real-time access to current data or events since our knowledge was last updated in October 2023. 
Zebra was a curious and brave animal who loved to explore the world. He had black and white stripes that made him stand out from the other animals. 
Cerulean. It's a word that evokes the sky, the sea, the infinite. A colour that speaks of calmness, clarity, and depth. Cerulean is not just a random colour, it's a state of mind. 
Different music styles: Dubstep, Goa, Disco, Moombahton, Deephouse, Top40, Dub, Reggae, Turn Up The Bass, Trap, Witch House, Dance & Trance, R&B and 11 more ... 
Games and more fun: The Amazing Maze, Mob Dob, Multeor, T-Rex, Buy me a coffee, Puzzle XXL, and Chess.
Take a trip down memory lane. Here you can find playlists from the '60ties, '70ties, '80ties, '90ties, zero's and the twenties. And there is a playlist with one billion views. 
There is a playlist for/ from you. You can send me your favorite top 10 and I'll put the songs together in a youtube playlist that can be found at Cbra Systems. 

Lower section 

Fun: Arousing the lust for (smiling) laughter. 

Fantasy: Imagination, ability to empathize with situations or make up stories. 

Fact: Event of which the reality is certain. 

Cbra Designs: Help support us by checking out some of our products. 

Cbra Clothing: Browse through our store today and get the finest and highest quality of clothing! Whether you are a musician or just someone who loves cool shirts, we’ve got you covered! 

Cinema: Just hit play, sit back and enjoy. 

Audio News: Articles on everything to do with music. 

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