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Q-01: What is the symbolism of a zebra? 

A-01: Quick Answer 

In shamanism, the zebra is considered a power animal that symbolizes balance and peace. Zebras also represent individuality and unfiltered clarity. In psychic studies, a zebra's black-and-white pattern and ability to camouflage itself represents unseen dimensional shifts. 

A-01: Full Answer 

Zebras also represent awareness and self-protection. It is believed when an individual has an encounter with a zebra whether in waking life or through a dream, significant change is on the horizon and important information is ready to surface. Zebra encounters can also signify the individual's need to be aware of their current situation and surroundings in order to make necessary changes. The zebra represents the dual aspects of ying and yang energies, sending the message that every aspect in life requires balance. 

Zebras are always on guard and are keenly aware of their surroundings, ready to blend in with the scenery at a moment's notice in order to avoid confrontation with predators. Zebras are unable to sleep unless another herd member is awake and standing guard. These aspects symbolize the human need for protection and partnership. Zebras risk their lives on a daily basis in order to feed themselves and protect their young, serving as a reminder not to take anything for granted. 

Q-02: What is cbra and where does the name come from? 

A-02: The name 'cbra' originated in the late 90s. Cbra Systems is our brand name. Now, at the moment we are mainly concerned with developing a website about all kind of things that is related to music. Which is still a work in progress. The meaning (courtesy of Maria Gonzales) of the abbreviation C.B.R.A. which stands for 'Cause Beats Rephrase Anything. In other words. To shape a sense of reality with premeditation. (according to the latest visitor of the website). Let's explain that, it also sounds a bit cryptic. Simply put, it is the profession of a web designer. 

Q-03: What does cbra do? 

A-03: We offer music streaming services of various genres. 

Q-04: What are the different core activities? 

A-04: Developing the music website. Cbra Designs is part of that. We maintain a page on Facebook for models, photographers, hairstylists, and make-up artists who meet up in the northern three provinces of the Netherlands. I.e. Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. Another core activity is to record audio and compose music for Trish Thunderstone, among others.  

Q-05: Can you describe the different core activities? 

A-05: Composing music for Trish Thunderstone using the music program Ableton Live. Other projects/soundscapes are also recorded and edited here in the living room, which is reminiscent of a semi-professional sound studio. 

Q-06: For whom is cbra / who (or which company) could use your activities? 

A-06: For anyone interested in streaming music from home. With their laptop or desktop computer connected to the internet, they can play music via the Cbra Systems website. Also, the people who play the electric guitar or play the bass guitar belong to our target group of potential buyers. The Guitar stands can easily be purchased from the Cbra Designs webshop and delivered to your home address. If you have a company and you have a legal license that allows you to stream music for your customer(s) via the Cbra Systems website. Unfortunately, you cannot use our semi-professional sound studio and/or services. Perhaps this will change and may soon become an option. The location stated on this website is intended for letter posts. This address is also not meant for visiting guests. 

Q-07: How, when and why did you start? 

A-07: We started this website by asking ourselves what the largest export products of the Netherlands are. We believe that these are the DJs from the electronic dance music scene. So, we created a list of notable club DJs in the world. This list consists of professionals who perform or are known to perform at large nightclub venues, or who have been pioneers in the development of the role of the club DJ. A fictional company name: C.B.R.A. was first founded in the animated film "Man at the table" by R. Geerlings in 2003 it was screened at the school of fine arts. The Cbra Systems website was built and a unique music project emerged on the worldwide internet since the domain extension .systems was activated. 

Q-08: What is your passion, what gives you energy? 

A-08: We have a passion for music and images. Restoring beautiful existing web pages or developing new web pages that also look good visually. And also Writing songs for Trish Thunderstone i.e. compose / play / record / programm and listen back the fresh recordings. Contact with other creative people gives us energy and also contributes to our development. 

Q-09: What would you like to emphasize? 

A-09: Playing the piano and record it. Also promoting the Cbra Designs online store, where you can buy things you can't buy elsewhere. 

Q-10: And what would you rather not emphasize? 

A-10: The fact that we have broken links on our webpage. 

Q-11: Describe your dream (and dream big). 

A-11: We dream about a world where people and animals live in peace and harmony with each other. 

Q-12: What is your slogan / motto? 

A-12: A music database for any occasion / good music should be shared. 

Q-13: Do you have a mission or vision regarding cbra? 

A-13: Create a cozy meeting place for musicians and music lovers to listen to great songs together and share cool vibes with each other. We working on a functional website i.e. removing errors and creating pages that are not yet displayed. And also add great new songs to the music playlists. 

Q-14: What have your activities been so far? 

A-14: We do lots of stuff. We propose a new holiday when it is a full moon and have organized the "Full moon vibes music festival". We also fantasized about another festival: "Hakken over de ditch". 

Q-15: Which values do you want to radiate (see below)? 

A-15: Creativity, change, politeness, connected & curiosity 

Q-16: What are your strengths / what are you good at? 

A-16: Letting go of things in the past and focusing on the future. Shaping a sense of reality with premeditation is also our strength. 

Q-17: What are your less strong points? 

A-17: The logistics of the navigation could be a little more user-friendly. 

Q-18: What is characteristic / characteristic for cbra? 

A-18: Cbra Systems can discover new and original ideas, connections, and solutions to problems. 

Q-19: Are you original / innovative? What shows that? 

A-19: We do our utmost to be innovative and find creative solutions that fit well with cbra. Everything we have visualized, intended, and worked on is in the process of manifesting for us. We choose to be patient and trust the process. 

Q-20: What could be better? 

A-20: It better be good! 

Q-21: How would a friend describe cbra? 

A-21: A music site full of functionality. 

Q-22: How would a potential customer describe cbra? 

A-22: Cbra Designs offers calendars, games and useful music tools. 

Q-23: Who do you work with? 

A-23: This website is made possible by DJs, musicians, youtube, soundcloud, spreadshirt, Demian & Ruben and, 

Q-24: Name 5 adjectives that fit cbra or you. 

A-24: Creativity, change, energy, connected and curiosity. 

Q-25: Cbra Systems in 1 sentence: 

A-25: A music multi desktop. 

Q-26: What else would you like to say? 

A-26: Never regret anything that has happened in your life, it cannot be changed, undone or forgotten. So take it as a lesson learned and move on. 

Q-27: What style do you want to use in your texts (personal, business, fresh, open, etc.)? 

A-27: The style we use in our texts are fresh, open and informative. 

Q-28: What is the purpose of your website (informing, contact, assignments, showing who you are and what you do, etc.)? 

A-28: Creating a fresh meeting place where visitors can discover new music and chat with other music lovers. 

Q-29: What do you want to radiate with your website (creative, professional, variation, etc.)? 

A-29: We want to offer free cool songs to the visitors of Cbra Systems because good music can be shared. 

Honest • Creativity • Interest • Attention • Conscious • Helpful • Respect • Clear • Confidence • Independent • Adventure • Challenge • Flexible • Change • Ideals • Spontaneously • Trustworthy • Committed • Service • Understanding • Tolerance • Intelligence • Courage • Acceptance • Rituals • Success • Result • Open-minded • Energy • Openness • Professionalism • Inspiration • Courage • Stability • Self-reliance • Fun • Spirituality • Friendship • Beauty • Health • Safe • Family • Righteous • Politeness • Modesty • Pride • Self-discipline • Achievement • Knowledge • Integrity • Inspiration • Contentment • Learning • Collaboration • Brave • Discipline • Simplicity • Expression • Responsible • Connected • Comfort • Inner Growth • Self-esteem • Happiness • Authenticity • Passion • Genuineness • Purity • Power • Tranquility • Insight • Curiosity • Sincere • Fantasy • Generous • Nature • Enterprising • Sensation • Playful • Status • Tradition • Enthusiasm • Freedom • Positivity • Balance • LovePeace • Equality • Solidarity • Money • Order • Humor • Recognition • Wisdom • Loyalty • Variety • Truth • Caring 

Eerlijk • Creativiteit • Interesse • Aandacht • Bewust • Behulpzaam • Respect • Duidelijk • Zekerheid • Onafhankelijk • Avontuur • Uitdaging • Flexibel • Verandering • Idealen • Spontaan • Betrouwbaar • Betrokken • Dienstbaar • Begrip • Tolerantie • Intelligentie • Moed • Acceptatie • Rituelen • Succes • Resultaat • Open-minded • Energie • Openheid • Professionaliteit • Inspiratie • Moed • Stabiliteit • Zelfstandig • Plezier • Spiritualiteit • Vriendschap • Schoonheid • Gezondheid • Veilig • Familie • Rechtvaardig • Beleefdheid • Bescheiden • Trots • Zelfdiscipline • Prestatie • Kennis • Integriteit • Inspiratie • Tevredenheid • Leren • Samenwerking • Dapper • Discipline • Eenvoud • Expressie • Verantwoordelijk • Verbonden • Comfort • Innerlijke groei • Zelfrespect • Geluk • Authenticiteit • Passie • Echtheid • Puurheid • Macht • Rust • Inzicht • Nieuwsgierigheid • Oprecht • Fantasie • Gul • Natuur • Ondernemend • Sensatie • Speels • Status • Traditie • Enthousiasme • Vrijheid • Positiviteit • Balans • LiefdeVrede • Gelijkheid • Solidariteit • Geld • Orde • Humor • Erkenning • Wijsheid • Loyaliteit • Verscheidenheid • Waarheid • Zorgzaam 

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