Q: What is the symbolism of a zebra?

A: Quick Answer

In shamanism, the zebra is considered a power animal that symbolizes balance and peace. Zebras also represent individuality and unfiltered clarity. In psychic studies, a zebra's black-and-white pattern and ability to camouflage itself represents unseen dimensional shifts. Continue Reading

A: Full Answer

Zebras also represent awareness and self-protection. It is believed when an individual has an encounter with a zebra whether in waking life or through a dream, significant change is on the horizon and important information is ready to surface. Zebra encounters can also signify the individual's need to be aware of their current situation and surroundings in order to make necessary changes. The zebra represents the dual aspects of ying and yang energies, sending the message that every aspect in life requires balance.

Zebras are always on guard and are keenly aware of their surroundings, ready to blend in with the scenery at a moment's notice in order to avoid confrontation with predators. Zebras are unable to sleep unless another herd member is awake and standing guard. These aspects symbolize the human need for protection and partnership. Zebras risk their lives on a daily basis in order to feed themselves and protect their young, serving as a reminder not to take anything for granted.