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I scream 
What is your favorite ice cream?

Cbra S-ys-tems 

The first ice cream from Cbra Systems was designed and produced by the Geerlings brothers on April 1, 2008.

This initiative was immediately received with great enthusiasm by the world population. They appreciate the full, creamy taste of the fresh ice cream and the crunchy white and dark chocolate, and are therefore very fond of Cbra Systems.

I scream & shout

Who screams the loudest? Record it and send it to and the best 3 shouts will be posted on this page.

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Cold as ice

It's not cold until the polar bears ask for a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream..

Ice queen

You can buy ice cream in many places, but a real Cbra Systems ice cream is very special. You don't often find such a tasty and honest ice cream. It is therefore made in a traditional way and with a lot of love and passion from the best natural ingredients in our own Cbra Systems Ice Machine. Fresh daily and without preservatives. Creamy and full of flavour.

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