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Where do you get the inspiration from?

This project, a DJ music multi-desktop, is the result of his passion for music and image. Cbra Systems is a music project, actually a digital blueprint by Ruben Geerlings. He searches the internet for cool songs and also accesses great songs through friends. He gets his inspiration from his environment, the people he meets, and by using the internet he also comes to new ideas / insights.

How long have you been working on the website?

Ruben Geerlings started setting up the website in the late 1990s, it looked very different then and not as extensive as it does now. Every day he is busy incorporating his creativity into music and web design. 


What do you want to achieve with it?

If he is satisfied with the functioning of the entire website, he wants to get more visitors. To get links to even better songs via the visitors of the Cbra Systems website. 

always under construction

Machine out of order?

Apparently, we have broken links on our page. This system is currently being developed and will be available soon.

How we learn and create something

We also have experience with fatal errors. We will solve that together. We don't tell you how we do that. We keep calm and carry on and then we come up with solutions! Most people are not familiar with the .systems extension yet. We like to share good music! Designing with a pre-meditated sense of reality is what we (as web designers) do at Cbra Systems. The human interface consists of Ruben and the team at from Denmark who hosts our website. In addition, his colleague Philippe (a.k.a. the spider) also thinks along brilliantly and works quietly on the web. Yes old skool indeed, We learned the basics in 1999, when we were still working for design studio Giovannie Bardie and once came across the "Crazy Pianos" in Scheveningen because my colleague Tobias and I were there on a business trip to keep up to date with the current developments in the field of web design so there was a meeting going on from Macromedia. We attended this one. At that time, in my opinion, this was a perfect program "Flash" to create menu's for your website, among other things, you could draw and animate very tightly on a grid, using keyframes. It was also very easy to create buttons and connect actions to it.

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