Hello there, welcome to CBRA systems, your one-stop shop for streaming free music, anytime anywhere.
Here is a guide on how you can go about navigating this website so you get to what you are looking for in no time.

The navigation bar at the top of the website houses other submenus represented by icons. Here is a brief rundown of what each icon opens up to.

Upper section

1. Back: This helps you go one level up or to the main menu when you browse through the different menus.

2. Display resolution: you can adjust the resolution if the website to suit you. There is a responsive version for mobile, a version for tablets and laptops, and a version for desktop that expands the components of the hamburger menu as a standalone tab at the top of the website.

3. Language selection: Choose different language. (Still a work in progress).

4. Live concert: watch a live concert of your favorite DJs doing what they do best.

5. Connection: Meet some of the world’s most talented musical maestros.

6. Introduction: Who we are and what we do.

7. Internet radio: Listen to music from an array of internet radio stations streaming live.

8. Musicians/ DJs: Meet and listen to musicians and DJs with a knack to getting you in the rhythm.

9. Find music: Having trouble finding something? Use the search bar.

10. Search bar: What content is included in the search engine? When you use the reference bar on https://www.cbra.systems the program automatically links to youtube.

11. Magnifying glass: Helpdesk, chatting with a robot.

12. Underneath: Button to go to the 'lower section' of this website

Main menu

13. Submenu: This menu has some curated playlists either to help you chill or party. If you want to have a feel of what’s popping at the moment or take a trip down memory lane, there is a playlist for you. Here you also get links to our social media accounts, our store, contact us form, donation and exposition pages.

14. EDM, Classical music, deep house and more: This menu takes what’s available on the first menu and takes it up several notches. Here, playlists from EDM, classical music, Deephouse, Techno are available. You also get some learning resources and lots more.

15. Home sweet home: More goodies at your fingertips, including games, quotes and other fun stuff. There is also a section for you to leave us a suggestion or compliment.

16. Colours/ soundpad: You get to download samples and sound bytes.

17. Hello kitty/ City: DIY room decor and trivia on major cities.

18. Writing, acting, actor, film: Film lovers are not left out, there is a wide selection of animated movies, live-action movies, cartoons, tv series and some awesome scores from popular movies. Enjoy.

19. Application: Wanna channel your inner virtuoso? A lot of music making apps are at your disposal to create musical magic. There’s a drum machine, lyrics freak, synth instrument, mixer, song recorder, cloud player, and theremin.

Lower section

20. Beat, Pop, Rock, Soul, Reggae: If you love music from these genres, check this out. There’s a healthy selection of songs from artists like Daft Punk, Junkie XL and many more.

21. House music: DJ mixes to get the party started.

22. Store: Help support us by checking out some of our products.

23. Music list: Access to over 50 tracks on SoundCloud.

24. Mixes: Just hit play, sit back and enjoy.

25. Links: Links to useful external resources.

26. About: Meet CBRA systems and its creator.

27. Password: create an account for unlimited access to all our services.

28. Conversation: Meet other individuals who are passionate about music and form relationships.