Beginnings are usually scary, and endings are usually sad, but it is everything in between that makes it all worth. This project, a Dj music multi-desktop, resulted from his passion for music and images. Every day he is busy processing his creativity in music and web design. Cbra Systems is a non-profit organization, an art project, basically a digital blueprint from Ruben Geerlings.

He grew up in a small village called "the Wilderness Stern Valley's" located in the North of the Netherlands. When he celebrated his nineteenth birthday, he and his former girlfriend decided to leave the village and go to a bigger city Groningen, the capital city from this north east county of the Netherlands. This pianist, also known as Mr. Trish Thunderstone, does love composing music. His first computer was a ZX-Spectrum and an MSX computer, and later, he had a Commodore Amiga-500/2000. With programs such as OctaMed 4.0 and a digital sampler, he learns to composes, nowadays he is using a Personal Computer and has installed Ableton Live to record his music.

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