Beginning are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it`s everything in between that makes it all worth. My name is Ruben Geerlings. I started this project out of my passion for music and images. Every day I am busy processing my creativity in music and images. Cbra Systems is a non-profit organization; an art project, basically a digital blueprint from Ruben Geerlings. He started this project a Dj music multi-desktop in 2011.

Ruben Geerlings grew up in a small village called "the Wilderness Stern Valleys" located in the North of the Netherlands. When he celebrate his nineteenth birthday; he and his former girl-friend decided to leave the village and go to a bigger city named "Groningen" the capital city from this northernmost county of the Netherlands. This amazing pianist Ruben Geerlings knows how to play lots of instruments and a.k.a. Trish Thunderstone. Although he cannot directly play from sheet music. He has learned a bit how to read musical notes and knows how to play these chords. He does love composing music. His first computer was a Commodore Amiga-500. With programms such as OctaMed 4.0 and a digital sampler. When he play the piano with a little bit reverb through the speakers, sounds very dreamy, just click here and listen to Trish Thunderstone.

It's finally Friday and that means one thing.. Weekend's almost here! Can we make this last day of the working week go a little bit 'Faster', Goodnight Sweet people! May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon .. Sleep peacefully , dream softly and wake up to a fantastic The Weeknd ...

'I lost my train of thoughts' is a blend of mainstream pop with electronic influences. A dance track with amazing melodic free-flowing vocals at 8.11.
Here you are, Trish's latest composition, I hope you like it.

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