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Cbra Systems is a non-profit organization and an art project that showcases the digital blueprint of Ruben Geerlings. He started this project in 2011 as a DJ music multi-desktop that combines his passion for music and images. He likes to share his musical creations with other creative people and get positive feedback. He also designs and sells various products such as calendars, clothing, guitar stands and games on his website https://www.cbra.systems. You can also support him by buying him a coffee for further development. Cbra Systems is not available for smartphones, so please visit his website on your desktop computer for the full experience.

The most comprehensive music library for any occasion!
Cbra (audio) is your premier online music streaming service that lets you explore and enjoy a vast collection of songs for free!

About Cbra Systems
Cbra Systems is a creative project that combines music and web design in a unique way. It is the brainchild of Ruben Geerlings, also known as Trish Thunderstone, a passionate musician and web developer. He started this project as a Dj music multi-desktop, inspired by his love for music and visuals. Cbra Systems is more than just a website, it is a digital expression of his artistic vision.

Ruben Geerlings grew up in a small village called "the Wilderness Star Valley's" in the north of the Netherlands. When he turned nineteen, he moved to Groningen, the capital city of this northeastern region. He is a pianist who enjoys composing music. He began his musical journey with a ZX-Spectrum and an MSX computer, followed by a Commodore Amiga-500 / 2000. He used programs like OctaMed 4.0 and a digital sampler to create his tunes. Nowadays, he uses a Personal Computer and Ableton Live to record his music.

Cbra Designs
If you like Cbra Systems and want to support its development, you can buy me a coffee as a token of appreciation. Every donation counts! Or you can check out Cbra Designs, where you can find some exclusive products that you won't find anywhere else. These products are hand-made and often useful.